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commercial diver program

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What does a commercial diver do?

Commercial divers inspect, repair, install, and remove structures, equipment, and items that are underwater in lakes, rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water.  they also might take photographs or video of things found under the water. Drilling companies, police departments, construction companies, engineering companies, salvage companies, shipyards, and many other types of businesses hire commercial divers for full-time and part-time work.  some might hire commercial divers who work for themselves as independent contractors. In all cases, commercial divers work within a collaborative environment, working closely with a surface team that remains above the water and sometimes working with dive partners under the water. Commercial divers travel to sites across the nation and often perform work in extreme and dangerous conditions, ultimately reporting to the dive team supervisor while they work.

Underwater Welder Daily Tasks
Underwater Welding

Commercial Divers

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Commercial Diving careers

offshore diver

Offshore diving jobs focus on diving to install or repair underwater structures. Your duties in this career include working to inspect, maintain, or fix the sub-surface parts of oil rigs. Though an offshore diver typically works in the oil and gas industry, you can also perform diving responsibilities in other sectors, such as shipping. You can also repair offshore structures, such as bridges, cables, and pipelines, working with equipment like welding tools, saws, etc.

Underwater Welder

Underwater or offshore welders combine commercial diving qualifications with welding skills normally performed on dry land. Underwater welders must be able to handle bulky equipment specially designed for this job while working in a hazardous environment. 

Salvage Diver

diving work associated with the recovery of all or part of ships, their cargoes, aircraft, and other vehicles and structures which have sunk or fallen into water. In the case of ships it may also refer to repair work done to make an abandoned or distressed but still floating vessel more suitable for towing or propulsion under its own power.

commercial diver program info

Everything you need to know about our commercial diver program

commercial Diver program Description

Classes are taught here at our facility in alvarado, texas.  Professional Diver Training Center’s Commercial diving program is a 700-hour program that exceeds the 625 hours required by the ADCI (Association of Commercial Diving Contractors International), ANSI (american National Standard Institute), and the ACDE (Association of Commercial Diving Educators) for an Entry Level Diver/Tender. We offer job placement so you can begin your new career at graduation.  financing is available – see the Admissions Tab above.  the program cost is $19,950.00

upcoming class dates: 

May 20, 2024 – 5 days per week/14.5 weeks (excluding holidays)

June 17, 2024 – 5 days per week/14.5 weeks (excluding holidays)

July 29, 2024 – 5 days per week/14.5 weeks (excluding holidays)

September 9, 2024 – 5 days per week/14.5 weeks (excluding holidays)

October 21, 2024 – 5 days per week/14.5 weeks (excluding holidays)



You’ll Learn about

  • diving physics
  • diving medicine
  • hyperbaric chamber operation
  • industrial and offshore safety
  • various diving equipment
  • Underwater welding and cutting
  • Seamanship and rigging
  • Numerous other trade skills


Included Certifications

  • ADCI Entry Level Tender/diver card in accordance with the american national standards institute (ansi/acde-01-2015)
  • Underwater Welding Course Completion Certificate (AWS D3.6M-Class C Standard).
  • divers alert network (dan) Diving First Aid & o2 provider for the professional diver
  • open water scuba certification
  • Kirby Morgan Operator/User Training Certificate and Card issued by divelab
  • heavy metal divers Operator/User training Certificate
  • aqua lung conshelf xiv repair technician certificate
  • iantd – chamber operator certification
  • iantd – occupational eanX diver certification
  • IANTD – Dry Suit card
  • IANTD – Full Face Mask Card
  • api rigger card
  • osha 10 – construction card
  • forklift card – osha general forklift safety  course (osha standard:29cfr/powered industrial trucks:1970.176)
  • diploma as a professional commercial diver



Math evaluation

this is strictly a self-evaluation and not a prerequisite for attendance. We want each potential student to be aware of some of the types of math that will be covered throughout the Commercial Diver Program. We cover these types of math in class and we offer tutoring after school by appointment. If you feel that you may need a refresher on some of the math please don’t hesitate to ask.

This is not a prerequisite for entry





  • Must Be 18+
  • high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be in good physical condition
  • there will a swim evaluation
  • pass an adci dive physical to rule out any Preexisting conditions that may disqualify you from diving. Check out this list for further details.

    inland diver

    Inland divers work in rivers, lakes, intracoastal waterways, and above-ground water tanks. They perform a variety of work including construction, inspection, and repair of underwater bridge components, piers, water treatment facilities, and hydroelectric dams. They may act as HAZMAT divers, underwater welders, and salvage divers.


    inspection diver

    When ships, oil rigs, bridges, and other structures are under water for long periods of time, rust and numerous other deteriorators can make them hazardous. Inspection Divers are tasked with surveying these structures and relaying their conditions to topside crew, noting where repairs are required to ensure all relevant codes and safety regulations are met.

    media diver

    Media Divers perform underwater filming and photography. They usually work for movie and television companies. They must be trained camera operators and are responsible for planning, researching, preparing equipment, and capturing the shot.

    check out our other Commercial courses

    occupational nitrox diver

    By enriching air with extra oxygen, divers can reduce the chances of decompression illness while staying longer at deeper depths. Occupational Nitrox Divers safely plan for, blend and use nitrox for commercial diving purposes. 

    kirby morgan hat technician

    A Kirby Morgan Hat Tech. Learns how to properly maintain and overhaul Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets in Accordance with the MANUFACTURER’S recommended procedures and specifications. Must have one year of industry experience.

    dive medical technician


    DIVing FIRST AID for the PROFESSIONAL diver

    dAN’S DFA Pro’s learn first-aid knowledge and skills specific to commercial diving environments. It certifies you for CPr, oxygen, first aid, neuro assessment, & hazardous Marine Life Injuries. This course also provides rescue management skills for dive masters and dive instructors.

    hyperbaric chamber operator

    Certified hyperbaric technicians monitor and control HyperBaric Chambers in order to help people after trouble diving, burn rehabilitation, or to treat carbon monoxide poisoning.


    Intermediate Hyperbaric Technicians Administer oxygen treatments to persons needing high-oxygen or hyperbaric high pressure treatment. this course covers the principles of hyperbaric medicine.

    advanced hyperbaric technician

    An Advanced Hyperbaric Technician builds on the knowledge and skillsets of the previous two courses (HBO & IHT). they are responsible for documenting treatment details such as equipment settings, treatment duration, and patient response. 

    aqua lung conshelf XIV repair

    properly operate, maintain, and repair the 1st and 2nd stage of the conshelf XIV scuba regulator used in the commercial diving industry.


    NonDestructive Testing Specialists test and interpret the safety of structures, vehicles, or vessels using x-ray, ultrasound, fiber optic or related equipment.

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