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20 Week Course. Financing Options available.

Tuition is $19,500 with financing options

Avg. Salary Yr: $67,100 →

What does a commercial diver do?

Commercial divers inspect, repair, install, and remove structures, equipment, and items that are underwater in lakes, rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water.  they also might take photographs or video of things found under the water. Drilling companies, police departments, construction companies, engineering companies, salvage companies, shipyards, and many other types of businesses hire commercial divers for full-time and part-time work.  some might hire commercial divers who work for themselves as independent contractors. In all cases, commercial divers work within a collaborative environment, working closely with a surface team that remains above the water and sometimes working with dive partners under the water. Commercial divers travel to sites across the nation and often perform work in extreme and dangerous conditions, ultimately reporting to the dive team supervisor while they work.



Everything you need to know about our commercial diver program


Included Certifications

  • ADCI Entry Level Diver/Tender card in accordance with the american national standards institute (ansi/acde-01-2015)
  • Underwater Welding Course Completion Certificate (AWS D3.6M-Class C Standard).
  • divers alert network (dan) Diving First Aid for the professional diver
  • naui or mdea open water scuba certification
  • Kirby Morgan Operator/User Training Certificate and Card issued by divelab
  • heavy metal divers Operator/User training Certificate
  • aqua lung conshelf xiv repair technician certificate
  • iantd – chamber operator certification
  • iantd – occupational eanX diver certification
  • IANTD – Dry Suit card
  • IANTD – Full Face Mask Card
  • forklift card – osha general forklift safety  course (osha standard:29cfr/powered industrial trucks:1970.176)
  • diploma as a professional commercial diver from professional diver training center


Course Description

Professional Diver Training Center’s Commercial diving program is a 700-hour program that exceeds the 625 hours required by the ADCI (Association of Commercial Diving Contractors International), ANSI (american National Standard Institute), and the ACDE (Association of Commercial Diving Educators) for an Entry Level Diver/Tender. We offer job placement so you can begin your new career at graduation. 

financing is available – the program cost is $19,500.




You’ll Learn about

  • diving physics
  • diving medicine
  • hyperbaric chamber operation
  • industrial and offshore safety
  • Underwater welding and cutting
  • Seamanship and rigging
  • Numerous other trade skills


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